CG Hair Painting Tutorial: Photoshop

This is a 24 minute video tutorial REAL TIME (Not sped up) of me painting the hair shown from scratch.  I recorded audio during the process as well, and I explain in detail (English) everything I am doing every step of the way.  I have also made this process as SIMPLE as possible so that anyone with basic photoshop knowledge can follow along.  Because this process is so easy and straight forward, you can use this same workflow for most other comparable programs. (Procreate, clipstudio, artrage etc.)

I have also included a BUNCH of reference material on this process for you to use as a reminder so you don't have to dig thru the video tutorial again to find info on the process.  There is a Cheat Sheet text document, several animated .gif's that include the brushes used and cover the whole process from the start, and MOST importantly the photoshop file I use in the tutorial is also included so you can practice the process for yourself and compare your own results.

CG hair is very difficult to create and often times you will find you get sub par results after pouring hours upon hours into the process.  This method is a way for you to simply block in the hair and paint over it for super high quality High res imagery in a fraction of the time.  I have spent a lot of time trying to come up with a good solution for this issue and I think you will find my process here helpful and at the very least something you can add to your own bag of tricks.  Again, anyone can paint great hair like this by simply watching the tutorial and giving it a few tries.  This is my first attempt at creating an online tutorial for sale, however I am an avid tutorial purchaser myself and I feel I know what it is the end user wants.  Hopefully this delivers, thank you for your support!

Whats Included:

-24 min video tutorial Real-Time covering the whole paint from scratch with real time audio explaining every step of the way

-All brushes used as .abr file and an in-depth explanation of how to use them and at which step.

-Animated .gifs explaining the process for reference. Covering all 7 steps involved in the process.

-Final Photoshop file used, along with a setup for the user to practice this hair painting process on.

-Text document Cheat sheet of the process in-case simple text is preferred over imagery. 

-Cover Art.

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